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First Aid Supplies

Emergency Survival Kit

The First Aid™ is a China Direct 1st aid equipment supplier as well as wholesale since 2008.
The production line of first aid are Custom First Aid Kits,first aid backpack,pillbox and military first aid kits and home first aid kits.
Please send us list of things in first aid box or list of first aid box contents so we can create your own first aid contents.

Car First Aid Kits

The vehicle first aid kit supplies are focus on car or auto human being safety. Car First Aid Kits | Car First Aid Suitcase | Car Fist Aid Shoulder Bag | Car First Aid Kits | Emergency Road Kit

Custom Pill Box

The pill box with different cell..eg Pill Box With Lanyard | Pill Box With 6 Cell | Pill Box With 4 Cell

First Aid Backpack

You can have a red cross first aid backpack for all your outdoor event now.. First Aid Fanny Pack | First Aid Backpack | First Aid Shoulder Bag

Home First Aid Kits

The home first aid kit is a great promotional first aid kit for earthquake or any other disaster..First Aid Zipper Pouch | First Aid Pouch, First Aid Bag, First Aid For Kids

Military First Aid Kit

The military fist aid bag range from Tactical To messanger bag, Military First Aid Kit | Military First Aid Messanger Bag | Tactical Medical First Aid Kit

First Aid Box

Whatever you need metal or plastic first aid box.the size we have is from 9" to 16".Here are First Aid Box | First Aid Box With Two Covers | Multi Layer First Aid Box | Wall Mounted First Aid Box

Pet First Aid Kit

You can create custom pet fist aid kits with accessories,eg pet tourniquet as your like. Pet Tourniquet | Pet First Aid Kit | Dog First Aid Kit | Cat First Aid Kit

First Aid Kits Supplier

First Aid Kits Supplier

First Aid Kits Certificate And Document

First Aid Kits Certificate And Document

First Aid Kits Supplier Wholesalers

First Aid Kits Supplier Wholesalers

Custom Medical Kits

We have long established relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of Medical Kits as well as emergency medical supplies in China.
This means we can quote a door to door price and all-inclusive price very soon.
As well as supplying with promotional first aid kits, We can offer distribution service for all organisations,
This enables you to benefit from the cheaper prices of big purchasing of personalized first aid kits from China direct.

Please let me know your idea?


Military First Aid Kit | Pet First Aid Kit | Home First Aid Kit | First Aid Box
First Aid Backpack | Custom Pill Box | Car First Aid Kit

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